The Vision

Yeshua`s House

For Yeshua`s House.

Is to see it Back within the kingdom. A prosperous fisher of lost souls. Like a Phoenix out of the ashes I believe that this Chapel should once more stand proud. As bold as it is tall and as wide as it`s heart. With Yeshua firmly at the helm and with finances based on a secure (not for profit) footing. Creating  A 21st Century Church fit for purpose.

A Christian centre for worship. At the very heart of the Community. with sure Rock Solid foundations. It`s message firmly held within the Gospels.

  • Open 7 days a week. The house will host vast array of ground breaking activities 10 of which are listed below.
  1. Much needed office space to run RockSolid Ministry team  Taking the message of Yeshua to the people on the streets and in the clubs and pubs throughout the community, Never preaching yet always proclaiming the good news.
  2. A sound studio where the Rock Solid radio will be based. Plus sound system for worship and concert use.
  3. A Multi purpose open planned, carpeted area. That can be used for a multitude of activities & groups. With Stackable tables and chairs.
  4. Large stage area with musical instruments and sound equipment. Plus Digital projector and screen all controlled from the sound booth.
  5. Faith based  Bookshop,Resource & craft area.
  6. Kitchen facilities, Offering teas and coffees, soft Refreshments Home baked pastries & bacon butties galore.
  7. Outside we will have our own Veg plot using raised planters,  and Decked BBQ area.
  8. Just as Yeshua Fed the Multitudes, We will open our doors every lunch time in order to feed the homeless, unemployed and those wanting nourishment.
  9. A snug room for meetings, youth meetings or just relaxing etc with it`s own separate kitchen area.
  10. The entire upstairs balconied area and organ in time will be renovated to host large scale concerts & worship.

Every activity envisioned is based on what Yeshua did or had to say. be it from establishing rock solid foundations on which to build his community, Living life by his one command, Ie. “Love one another, as I have loved you”. to feeding the multitudes, to singing and worshiping God. Concentrating his efforts on the young, the poor, the meek and the afflicted, the alcoholics, prostitutes, beggers and robbers.


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