image4.jpgHere at RockSolid Ministryyeshua`s house logoWe are searching for suitable accommodation for our ministry. The Vision is to purchase a suitable premises, to be used as both a base for RockSolid Ministry. Ie Providing much needed Office and studio space. and as a multi purpose worship centre/Gospel music venue in a valley deprived of the message of hope and salvation that Yeshua brings to the world.
musicIn an area blighted by mass youth unemployment we want to give hope and encouragement to the young, but the practical skills they will need to succeed. we want to establish a vibrant youth atmosphere with various art, music, drama, radio & journalism based workshops connected to proper life changing qualifications.
Preferably within the Rhondda Valley. in exchange for minimum rent. Preferably from a Church or Chapel or other Christian organisation, group or societies. who can offer apporopriate office, studio space & ampetheatre. Where worship, praise and other concerts. Both christian and secular in nature can be accommodated. Our landlords would need to fully embrace the ethos of this ministry.
If you have suitable premises, or know of any. Then please get in touch with Andy Phillips We would love to hear from you. And would consider any suitable offer


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