logo-highres_question-markHelp when you need itDo you need any help or advice? Maybe you just want a straight answer? Want to ask a question about a matter of faith or spiritual experience. Are you Searching in frustration? Are you seeking God, are you not having much luck? Do you want to know the answers to lifes problems? Or simply need to get in touch.

If you are contacting us with regards to a news story or event . You need to contact the News Desk.

Please use the e-form we will try to get an answer to you just as soon as we can. Normally within 48 hrs. Confidential help line. We will never print copy store or pass on your details to any 3 rd party, Guaranteed.

Yeshua`s House can not give you medical advice. If you need medical advice, please speak to a nurse/doctor. Yeshua`s House can not give you legal advice. If you need legal advice you must talk to a solicitor.

Your privacy is guaranteed. We will never ever publish your e-mail address or any other piece of personal information. That you give us. Neither will we request any personal information from you. We will only contact you if you request us to do so.

You do not need to give us any personal information about yourself that would identify you. However, any information given or received by Yeshua`s House is confidential and for the addressee’s attention only. If you receive a text or email from Yeshua`s House which is not meant for you then you must please delete it immediately. All questions recieved will appear on our notice board. view notice board.

The information you give to Yeshua`s House will only be used for internal training and improving our service. It will not be passed to other organisations or third parties that are not directly connected with Yeshua`s House and you will not receive more communication from Yeshua`s House unless you have asked for it.

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